When I am confused/ anxious/ unsure, I get meta about things. I make up stories and metaphors that put things in context. There is something comforting about breaking things down that way.

Let’s just say this blog is an attempt at the meta that comes from trying to navigate all the uncertainty that life brings.


As for me, I’d summarise that rather complex topic with what a friend has me saved as on his phone – the overthinking ninja. I have an almost extraordinary ability to overthink everything, which I maintain, isn’t necessarily a bad thing. This blog is my effort at doing something useful and interesting with my superpower, as I try and make sense of the curious world.

I also talk to strangers about love, and try and make sense of that elusive topic in all our lives. I love walking around new cities, people-watching, finding my own little belonging amidst those streets. The easiest way to get me excited is to start a fascinating conversation, of any kind on any topic; there is something magical about exploring the world like that. You can find more about my work on my website.