Status: It’s Complicated

Baby, i'm not complicated. i'm the intricate art of layers of chaos collected from our complex world as i embrace it with open arms naked body curious soul letting it consume me, and through it, becoming. i'm not the complicated that you mean, the abstruse It might just be your baffling you project, darling. i… Continue reading Status: It’s Complicated


Us. Within our rhythms.

We take our circumstances and beliefs, and find our choices within. You, to the best of your ability, slightly enchanted by your needs of the moment. Me, to the best of mine, finding my way amidst the sea of my wishes. We, dancing our moves through this stage full of improvisers, occasionally swinging together. Organising… Continue reading Us. Within our rhythms.

The piece about pieces

  I spend my days collecting pieces to make up my world and trying to piece them together Meticulously, with childlike curiosity for meaning-making I try and try, finding the fit, as closely as I can And then I draw over them intricate patterns, with my schemas There are some patches Where the meaning is… Continue reading The piece about pieces