Sibling negotiations.

(on my way from Mumbai to Baroda)

In the train, there’s this mother travelling with her two children. The older one, about 3-4 years old, says versions of this to his little sibling, who’s only about a few months old, every time it cries: “Mummy is really worried travelling with just the two of us, so we have to behave like a big boy. And I can’t take care of her if you keep crying. So cry when we reach home, please?”

And then makes funny faces at the infant, who pauses the crying to just stare at the older brother.

Jayati Doshi
24th March, 2016. 5.37pm

Finding my balance.


Growing up, has been about discovering the privilege of having legs that can make choices, and hands that can enable balance by seeking out answers.

But learning to stand is barely the hard part. And balance is merely elusive.

It’s like a game of twister. On non-linear multiple continuums of belief. Circumstances are declared, and we find our stand and then balance as even the beam underneath us itself often shakes.

I don’t know if stories, adding and shedding layers to my pieces of experience, make this balance easier or hard.

But on days like these, they sure feel like a cushion of context to fall back on.

Jayati Doshi
14th March, 2016. 10.29 pm

The piece about pieces


I spend my days collecting pieces
to make up my world
and trying to piece them together

with childlike curiosity
for meaning-making

I try and try,
finding the fit,
as closely as I can

And then I draw over them
intricate patterns,
with my schemas

There are some patches
Where the meaning is coming off;
But I draw on naked land, anyway

Pretty, shabby, beautiful, messy
incoherent, abstract, connected, meaningful
my little world of mismatched pieces

Some days it falls apart
the pieces I put together
my process, too much,

Today I felt you come around,
your hands too real, too coarse for my jigsaw,
but a semblance, a delusion of my world being held

while I start it piece it back again.

The making of the globe

Jayati Doshi
4th March, 2016. 8.02 pm