The piece about pieces


I spend my days collecting pieces
to make up my world
and trying to piece them together

with childlike curiosity
for meaning-making

I try and try,
finding the fit,
as closely as I can

And then I draw over them
intricate patterns,
with my schemas

There are some patches
Where the meaning is coming off;
But I draw on naked land, anyway

Pretty, shabby, beautiful, messy
incoherent, abstract, connected, meaningful
my little world of mismatched pieces

Some days it falls apart
the pieces I put together
my process, too much,

Today I felt you come around,
your hands too real, too coarse for my jigsaw,
but a semblance, a delusion of my world being held

while I start it piece it back again.

The making of the globe

Jayati Doshi
4th March, 2016. 8.02 pm


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