state of play

Written as a part of the writers' circle, meeting 2; inspired by the prompt: "what is this playing that you do while you hide your intelligent self" from a Rumi poem | 19 April, 2021 i am still only learning to play. make believe. ghar ghar. war war. office office. future future.the future that i… Continue reading state of play

remembering consciousness

inspired by the following piece from my history: the other day, a friend asked me about this artist.who's that, i asked her, confused about why she thought i'd know him.he inspired you, J, she hollered in disbelief, and after you introduced me to him, I did too.i'd made this "remix" inspired by him.i don't remember… Continue reading remembering consciousness

grieving meaning

been sitting with a lot of grief lately.not as much my own, but just grief in general.reading eulogy after obituary after dedicationimagining the conversations that remain incomplete in our world todaysomehow made simultaneously more trivial and more significantby the abandon of meaning in our worlds today. on some days, desperate for a sliver of sensefulness,i… Continue reading grieving meaning